• MON/WED:    Barre 5:00-5:5:45 pm  Yoga 6:00-7:15 pm   
  • TUES/THUR:  Pilates Mat 5:00-6:00 pm             
  • SATURDAY:   Yogilates 9:00-10:15 am
  • SUNDAY:        Hot Yoga 8:00-10:30 am


 BARRE Fusion (45 minutes 2x week)

$5 per class -or-$40/month

  PILATES Matwork (60 minutes 2x week)

$10 per class -or- $40/month for 1 class/week

                               $60/month for 2 classes/week

YOGA Basics (75 minutes 2x week)

$10 per class -or-$45/month for 1 class/week

                               $65/month for 2 classes/week

Yogilates (75 minutes Saturday only)

$10 per class or $40/month

YOGA Sweat (90 minutes Sunday only)

 $15 per class - or- $50/month


Choice of any 2 classes/week M-TH


Barre & Pilates (4 classes/week) 


Pilates OR Yoga PLUS Yogilates (3 classes/week)


 Barre OR Pilates PLUS Yoga (4 classes/week)


Yoga Basics Pluse Hot Yoga (3 classes/week)


Unlimited Classes M-Sat (7 classes/week)


Unlimited Classes  + Hot Yoga (8 Classes/week)


YOGA Basics

brings together the elements of balance, strength, flexibility, fluidity, and breath in an environment free of judgement and expectation. Self-discovery and awareness of physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions is the ultimate reward. Each class is an opportunity to further develop a greater sense of one's own strengths.


combines the methodology of Joseph Pilates-strengthening through stretching in this exercise-based format that includes small apparatus of weighted balls, resistance bands, magic rings, and light weights. Pilates helps develop a strong core, improve posture, increase metabolism, and boost the immune system.


is S W E A T Y! Yep, done in 95+ temperature, this is an upbeat, energetic yoga practice that blends basic yoga poses in a dynamic fashion that leaves you feeling accomplished and "cleansed" from the inside out. Experience with yoga and a significant tolerance to heat is highly recommended.


is an ever-changing organic blend of Pilates based exercises and simple yoga poses that is designed daily . No two classes will ever be the same! Basic knowledge of Pilates and yoga principles are key to bringing you a successful experience! Dynamic And FUN!

BARRE Fusion

is NEW to the ZOO! An interesting approach to body sculpting that combines elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga to target the legs, hips, glues, arms and core. Individual chairs will be utilized in absence of a traditional ballet barre, in addition to small apparatus.