The ZEN Zoo - Pilates~Yoga~and Cardio, too!

Welcoming 20/20 with a clear vision of glowing gratitude!!!

FREE Yoga Class New Year's Day-See EVENTS 
Revisions: New Classes/New Fees-See Schedule & Fees

  The ZEN  ZOO  
414 West Main Street
Festus, MO  63028
*Lower level of Pappas Chiropractics
Open  for Classes or Private Event

 The ZEN  ZOO 
is much more than a fitness studio.
 It is a "menagerie of animals" of different breeds, shapes, and sizes; and is enjoyed by both genders and all ages. 


  • YOGA-A "practice" of movement & breath with intention of gaining deeper awareness of oneself.

  • HOT YOGA-An energetic fusion of yoga concepts in 95-10 degree temp! HOT & SWEATY! 

  • VIRGIN Warriors-An introduction to the practice of yoga-breathing techniques and basic poses.
  • PILATES - A unique method of body conditioning that incorporates strengthening, stretching & breath.

  • YOGILATES-An organic compilation of basic Yoga poses and Pilates exercises. 

  • CARDIO Combos-Creative combinations of aerobic activity and body/core conditioning.                        
  • TABATA-A highly effective form of INTERVAL Training-20 seconds effort with 10 seconds recovery. 

  • ZUMBA-Trademarked aerobic dance workout set to life in a party-like environment. (Class provided by ZYNERGY, Instructors Julie Radford and Holly Martin)               



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